Ross Rynehart

Ross is the author of Boosting Impact and Innovation in Higher Education: The Knowledge Entrepreneur and High Diversity Groups in Universities and a co-founder and Director of Imagine CGI. Ross has over 16 years professional facilitation experience and has spent the last 8 years developing tailored programs for the University sector in Australia, particularly with the University of Western Australia.


Positions held prior to founding Imagine CGI include Teacher, Education Consultant, Northern Challenge Project Leader, Station Leader, Mawson, Antarctica, Operations Manager for Natural Resources and Mines Queensland and Principal Project Officer, Leadership Development for the Queensland Government. Ross holds Undergraduate qualifications in Agriculture, Education and Special Education and a Post Graduate MEd(Hons) and PhD. 

Ross is passionate about the creative potential of diversity in groups and the role that universities play in our society.  To help universities realise that potential, he has developed a practical and pragmatic framework for individuals and groups in universities to create highly productive and innovative cultures.  That framework is called the the Knowledge Entrepreneur (KE) Toolkit. 

The KE Toolkit is fully explained in Ross's book and it forms the basis of the individual and cultural development services he offers to universities.