A Development Strategy for



~ Highly skilled, innovative leadership groups ... in 6 months! ~


A university proven 6 month process,  best suited to developing innovative Faculty Leadership Groups and the like. Challenging and applied to real leadership issues, this practical development process will embed the skills of the Knowledge Entrepreneur Toolkit into your leadership group culture. 


GROUP SIZE: Best suited for between 18-24 participants.  Although this may be larger than a core executive leadership group, experience has shown that this process is most effective when undertaken as an 'extended leadership group'.  The relationships and shared leadership culture developed during the 6 month process has lasting benefits and represents the start of building a faculty wide culture of collaboration and innovation.

STRUCTURE:  The process follows a 6 phase process that ensures enthusiastic engagement, voluntary participation, a 'high trust' learning environment, robust processes, skilful leadership and a focus on collaboration and innovation. This developmental process requires full, active participation over the 6 month period involving a pre-workshop briefing session (3 hours), a 1 hour individual preparation interview,  a 3 day residential workshop and 2x2 day non-residential workshops spaced about 10 weeks apart.

PROCESSES AND CONTENT:  The Knowledge Entrepreneur Toolkit forms the basis of the content and processes are based on robust and challenging experiential and action learning.  

Contact Ross  to discuss how this process can be used to build your dynamic and innovative leadership group.