• Knowledge Entrepreneur: 


  • Someone who skillfully subjects their knowledge regarding important problems to diversity rich, collaborative processes that aim to produce creative insights, new knowledge and innovations.



~ A day and a half of skill building that boosts innovative cultures ~

This workshop is an ideal complementary strategy for those who are developing High Diversity Leadership Groups.  Experience tells us that members of High Diversity Leadership Groups find the Knowledge Entrepreneur Toolkit (that forms the basis of those group cultures) so useful that they wish to develop similar cultures across the broader faculty or university with groups that they lead.  This workshop provides groups of up to 24 with an experiential exposure and good understanding of all 8 models in the KE Toolkit. The workshop prepares participants to use the models in their work places with coaching assistance from their leaders.  This is a powerful investment in creating faculty wide and university wide cultures that operate skilfully when interacting with diversity.  This workshop is usually sponsored by one or more of the leaders from the High Diversity Leadership Group.

GROUP SIZE:  Up to 24 participants usually made up of one or more workgroups. The sponsor/s of the workshop are encouraged to attend as full participants in these workshops as it sends a powerful message to the participants and also allows for understanding of the ongoing needs for coaching and learning in the workplace.

STRUCTURE:  Non-residential, day and a half experiential workshop.

PROCESS AND CONTENT:  The 8 models of the KE Toolkit form the content and the processes used are based on adult learning , experiential and action learning.  Unlike the HDG development strategies, the learning is not applied during this workshop to specific workplace issues.  That is left up to the leaders who are sponsors or the workshop.  

Contact Ross now to discuss how this process can be used to broaden your dynamic and innovative leadership culture.