~ Build a university wide 'Knowledge Entrepreneur' culture

... in 12 months ~


Universities are uniquely complex organisations stemming in part from their diverse disciplinary cultures and traditions.  Far from having a singular 'corporate culture', universities support a range of often very disparate disciplinary cultures and work to ensure they thrive.  Add to this mix, the contrasting cultures of the business side of universities and the education and research functions of universities - their uniqueness and complexity as organisations can start to be appreciated. 


Of course, these differing cultures do not operate within closed boundaries in a university.  They will always have various degrees of 'cross-boundary' interaction that brings academics and professionals from across the university into contact for a variety of reasons.  However, increasingly there are calls for 'cross-discipline' interactions within universities, for example to share knowledge regarding teaching, develop interdisciplinary approaches to research, develop standardised approaches to operations where efficiencies can be realised or perhaps to develop innovative approaches to student experiences offered by a university.  For such interactions to be productive and utilise the full potential of the diversity present, a sophisticated skill set is needed by all players.


In my book Boosting Impact and Innovation in Higher Education I present the Knowledge Entrepreneur Toolkit which contains a practical set of intra- and inter-personal skills specifically designed to equip academics and professionals alike to participate productively in groups with high diversity.  A Whole of University Strategy develops these skills across a university and embeds them as the foundation of an effective high diversity group university culture.  Such a strategy will combine elements of the processes for developing High Diversity Leadership Groups, High Diversity Research Groups and skills training for The Knowledge Entrepreneur Toolkit.

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